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Fast Facts:

  • It is neither a fox nor a true wolf, but rather a distinct species of its own.

  • The Maned Wolf has the head and coloring of a wolf, the large ears of an African hunting dog or fox and the body of the hyena. Its body is covered with golden-red fur, black legs, a short tail and a black mane. The wolf will raise its mane to show superiority to its rival. The lack of underfur protects the wolf from overheating in the tropical climates.

  • The wolf is believed to have supernatural and medicinal powers. The right eye is said to bring luck with gambling. It is also thought that a necklace with a Maned Wolf tooth worn by children prevents dental problems.

Maned Wolf

Scientific Name Chrysocyon brachyurus
Classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Canidae
Status Endangered, mainly due to habitat destruction.
Range South America including: Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru
Habitat Dry shrubby forests and tropical savannahs
Diet Although Maned Wolves are classified as carnivores their diet is more like omnivores. They eat small mammals, reptiles, birds and fruit. One of their favorites is a fruit that is believed to guard against a parasite that attacks the wolf's kidneys.
Size Height: 34 inches
Length: 4-4.5 feet
Weight: 50 lbs.
Lifespan 12-15 yrs.
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Special Features

The long legs of the Maned Wolf allow it to see better in the tall grasses of the savannah. Their large, erect ears act as heat radiators as well as sound detectors. The mane consists of longer, darker hairs along the back.

They move by simultaneously lifting both legs on one side of its body in a rocking motion. This is called ambling. Two middle toe pads allow the foot to spread making it easier to walk on the marshy ground.

Social Structure & Behavior

Although a male/female pair mates for life they only interact during mating season which runs April through July. Gestation is 9 weeks resulting in 2-5 pups born.

The pups are born black with white tips on the tail and are weaned at 15 weeks. In captivity the male helps raise pups by regurgitating food. Pups reach sexually maturity at a year old.

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